They Weren’t Just Photos, They Were Precious Memories


Dougie was my best friend.  We had known each other since the 4th grade!  We both grew up in Charleston, South Carolina.  In high school my family moved to Connecticut, but we stayed in touch.

And after high school we both ended up going to school together at Northeastern in Boston.  It’s funny, 4 years, the entire high-school experience had passed, but when we met up again in Boston, we picked up right where we left off.

Doug was THAT kind of a friend.  We could go 4 years without seeing each other and then pick right up like it had only been a week.

After College and 4 long winters in Boston, we decided to move to California and be roommates.  Doug had a job lined up.  My search was a bit tougher, but eventually I got something in my field, and we were roommates those first few years in California.

We eventually moved to different, neighboring towns, but remained friends.  One day Doug surprised all his friends when he bought a boat!  The only thing better than having a boat is having a friend who has a boat! lol

Doug invited me out on his boat more times than I can count, and never asked for anything in return, except maybe help with some gas money.

I hadn’t talked to Doug in a bit, when a Facebook post came across my feed.  I couldn’t believe it.  At all of 39 years old, Doug had cancer. I couldn’t believe I found out on Facebook.

I called him immediately, and he seemed very upbeat and hopeful. But within less than a year, my friend was gone.

Within less than a year, my friend was gone.

It was heartbreaking.  Shocking because he was so young.  He barely made it to his 40th birthday and he was gone.  Just like that.

I was kind of the group photographer in our group when we would all go out on Doug’s boat.  So I kept his memory alive, by digging through the archives on my laptop and posting a few pics now and again to Facebook and Instagram.

But then the unthinkable happened.  In a freak incident, I knocked an entire cup of coffee on my open laptop.  I tried to save it, but it leaked in through the keyboard and completely fried my computer.

My hard drive was gone.  Every remaining photo I had of Doug was gone. I felt like his memory was gone.  It was awful.

It was the worst feeling

I can’t believe I was so foolish!  The laptop, that ONE place, was the only copy of those photos.  Why didn’t I back them up?

I always meant to.  But it’s just enough of a pain to do, that it just stayed on my to-do list permanently and never got done.

If ONLY I had backed those photos up!

If ONLY I had backed those photos up!  I posted 16 pics to Facebook before the laptop got fried.  I had literally hundreds of photos of all of us.  Of Doug.

I’ve got a new laptop now, and I’m still the photographer in our group.  But to make sure nothing like this ever happens again, this time I’ve protected these precious memories.

They make this ingenious little device called Photostick.  You plug it into your laptop – Mac or PC doesn’t matter – and with one-click you can automatically back up all your pictures and videos.  All your memories!

How Does It Work?

It couldn’t be easier. Photostick is a USB stick with a built in app, that automatically backs up your photos.  It does this WITHOUT you having to pick and choose them manually.

You literally just stick Photostick into your laptop, push one button, and it grabs all your photos and vids and backs them all up!  In minutes, not hours.

Then you can put the Photostick somewhere safe and have a backup in case something happens to your computer.

The Time To Act Is Now

If you are worried about losing the precious memories on your computer, you are not alone!  An estimated 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States every WEEK!

Don’t learn this lesson the hard way like I did.  Backup your photos, your memories, NOW before something happens to them.

The time to act is now.  You can get a Photostick for yourself.  Simply tap the button below to get a Photostick and protect your memories today!  Every day you wait is a day you risk losing those precious memories forever.