I Didn’t Just Lose My Keys, I Lost My Dream Job


“Ok, don’t freak out”, said the recruiter, “But they went with someone else.”

I had been interviewing for 2 months when I got that call.  I was already feeling anxious about whether this company would be willing to reschedule my interview, and now my worst fears had come true.

It was the worst feeling

I felt like I failed in my job search.  And as money ran low, I was panicked trying to find another opportunity. If this kept up much longer we would have to move in with my parents – as grown adults!

On the day of my interview, I simply couldn’t find my car keys.  This has happened to me countless times before, but within 10 minutes or so I’d always find them.  This time I just… couldn’t.

I panicked and got more and more frantic with my search.  I started yelling in the house like a crazy woman, and after 40 minutes had passed and I knew I wasn’t making the interview, I collapsed on the kitchen floor in tears.

I don’t know why I didn’t just call an Uber!  I guess I was just freaking out and couldn’t think straight.

I finally found the keys, in the first place I’d looked.  They were in the couch.  Just a little bit deeper down than I had dug.

Once the reality set in that the job was gone, my husband Jeff asked me if I wanted help with my job search. “No,” I said, “I can’t.”

I was hugely qualified for this position.  The job description was practically tailor-made for me.  Like they took a look at all my past work experience up to this point and wrote what they were looking for based on that.

I cried myself to sleep that night

It just killed me that I lost the job because I couldn’t find my keys!  It was maddening.  I knew that I had been wasting too much time looking for my keys on a pretty regular basis.

But I just thought it was simple absentmindedness.  I never thought it would have a consequence as severe as this.

I eventually landed another interview opportunity – 2 HARD months later.  And got the job.  We avoided having to move in with my parents, but just barely.

The new job is ok, I like it.  But it’s not the dream opportunity the other one was.  And my commute is twice as long as it would have been.

I vowed to NEVER let this happen again.  To never let lost-keys (or lost anything) have such a horrible negative impact on my life.

So now I have protected all my important things with a bluetooth tracking device. so I never have to go through the pain of losing such a great opportunity again.

Peace of mind.

It’s a genius little device called the XY Find It.  It’s only about the size of a quarter and attaches to my keyring.

It uses bluetooth to keep tabs on my keys (or anything else) and has a replaceable battery that lasts up to 5 years!

How Does It Work?

The XY Find It can track both short and long range.  For anything within 300 feet it uses bluetooth, anything more than 300 feet it uses Crowdsource GPS – more about that below.

We can set an ‘out of bounds’ alert too.  So if I start to leave my house without my keys or my purse, my phone makes a loud noise and vibrates and lets me know.

This has already saved me once!  I had left Starbucks and unwittingly left my keys on the table.  Since I set the proximity alert at 75 feet, I was barely out the door before my phone vibrated and made a racket letting me know I’d forgotten my keys!

If anything gets past the 300 foot range, the device uses the XY Find It network to pinpoint my item’s location on a map.

This is where the device really shines.  If anyone else with the XY Find It app on their phone gets within range of my keys, we get an alert with the last known location.

It’s called crowdsource GPS.

You get the benefit of GPS, without having to pay a monthly fee like other GPS-based trackers.  Those fees can be as much as $40 a month!

And the XY Find It network of users is HUGE.

Active XY Network – July 2018

I’ve never actually had to use this feature because the “out of range” alerts work great!  But it’s nice to know it’s there.

The other thing you can do that’s really cool, is if you have your keys but not your phone, you can push a button on the tracker and make your phone ring. Even if it’s on silent mode.  Pretty cool!

If you are worried about losing your keys or your wallet or your purse, you are not alone!

If you lose your important things, it’s not your fault.  You don’t need to feel guilty.  But you should feel guilty if you don’t do everything you possibly can to ensure you get your stuff back safely.  Isn’t your next huge opportunity (like the job I lost) worth the cost of a $39 device?

The time to act is now.  You can get a tracker yourself.  Simply tap the button below to get a tracker for your important things today! Every day you wait, is a day you risk losing your stuff, and maybe worse.